Detroit Mega Reptile Expo

October 21st & 22nd 2023

When you come to the Detroit Mega Reptile Expo, you will see the love and passion we have for reptiles and other exotic animals including birds, fish, coral and amphibians. Because of this love, we have brought you over 400 tables, 100,000 square feet, of reptiles and exotic pets! When you come to the Mega Reptile Expo, not only will you find thousands of reptiles and other exotic pets, you will also be able to shop for the housing, food and supplies you need on a daily basis to care for these loving creatures. The Detroit Mega Reptile Expo is not only HOT friendly, it will be the one of the most diverse exotic pet show you will find in the north-east part of the country. Whether you are new to herpetology or if you are a veteran, we have something here for everyone! Want to learn? Come attend some of the seminars we will be holding. Some of the breeds you will find here include non-venomous and venomous reptiles, amphibians, marsupials and invertebrates; including but not limited to ball pythons, burmese pythons, reticulated pythons, anacondas, cobras & king cobras, black mambas, bearded dragons, iguanas, monitors, turtles and tortoises, sugar gliders, hundreds of different arachnids, centipedes, scorpions, alligators, frogs and much more. In addition to all of the creatures you will come across, you will find all your feed needs for these animals; including but not limited to, rodents (live & Frozen), dubia roaches, crickets, super worms, meal worms, horned worms, isopods and more. This is in addition to all the housing, supplies and caging you will find here in order to properly house and care for these animals. The best part about the show is the number of professional breeders and suppliers you will find here! This is not a show you want to miss!
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